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Vedic astrology and its benefits by astrologypuja

Astrology is a science which reads the effects of the planetary movement on individuals. The eastern and western astrology have unlike projections in reading the human behaviors. Eastern astrology, usually Chinese makes use of various animals to represent the personality of an individual whereas western astrology makes use of zodiac signs.

Vedic astrology is mainly studied in India and there are many institutes and colleges that teach this science to individuals. Vedic is a term derived from Sanskrit word Veda which implies knowledge. This science follows the law of karma, where the individual lives within specific parameters made by actions performed in his previous lifetime. It can be extrapolative in nature as our future is an outcome of our past and actions in present can determine what will happen in future.

Today many people are getting interested in this form of astrology. People wish to look out for answers that would help them make their life less stressful and easier. Online Vedic astrology is now becoming a vital tool for people who wish to make their future bright and avoid taking unwanted steps that would make their life troublesome.

A Vedic natal chart is your birth chart. This chart is also called janam kundli and is prepared by using your place of birth, time of birth and sex. The time and place of birth play an important role in determining the exact position of the astrological planets, stars and celestial bodies to predict the behavior of an individual and his future.

This chart helps in getting a complete character sketch of a person, it helps in understanding his physical and psychological traits to get an insight of his nature and predict the fortune of that individual. The natal charts reveal the zodiac sign of the individual that provide a general picture of person’s personality. It also tells about his ascendant sign which is vital for determining his superficial personality makeup. The chart also throws light on your intuitive and emotional nature and gives a complete reading about your character and your hidden side which is not known to many. The birth chart looks as a wagon wheel which is divided in to 12 parts and several other parts within it. These parts have various stars, symbols and planets drawn on them. These symbols and diagrams represents various sensitive angles, positions and astrological aspects of the sun, moon, ketu , rahu and various other heavenly bodies that assist in making predictions.

Vedic astrology is taken as the best form of astrology that describes everything about a person by just making use of his date of birth, time of birth and place of birth. It also tells what kind of life a person is expected to lead in the future and if he would be able to make materialistic gains and stay happy. Although the kinds of decisions we make decide for our future and accounts for the life we will precede but natal charts in Vedic astrology helps in giving us a fair idea. Because of this reason the demand of Vedic astrology seems to be increasing.

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Do you want to be a successful parents

The joy of parents are secret, and so are their grieves and fears; they cannot utter the one, nor will they utter the others. All parents want to see their children earn huge success. For this they do whatever they can do. Sometimes despite of doing a lot of efforts your children do not get a desired success in life. Sometimes you are not happy with the development of your children. This problem can be suitably answered if you provide us with your birth details. Your ascendant chart and D-10 chart along with the D-2 or Hora chart are important instruments as per Indian Vedic astrology which can effectively predict about your children’s progress and allied things. I can see and calculate through the placement of your star and predict about any of your concern relating to your problems.

Parents need to live in a consistent life in which they exercise control. Parents must live by what they believe in so that their children may see the example they set. It will help them to balance the character of their children. School should not be the first place where knowledge is imparted, but it should begin at home with the parents. I suggest you my dear friends that your children should not feel neglected. They should receive your love, care, attention, and concern they desired. Make your home a place where your children can observe your behaviour and model it. Your home should be a place where your children learn to relate to their parents instructions and to others by imitating what takes place between their mother and father.

A perfect home is a place where a child learns values, morals, beliefs, and develops a character. And the responsibility goes to the shoulder of the parents. If you want to be a successful parent in future you have to instruct your child from the very beginning of their life. If you neglect your duties and not correct your children but allow them to have their own way, you will ruin the child and bring disappointment to yourself. The choice is yours. Parents are encouraged to ensure that their children learn that after an action there is a reaction. If children are left to do whatever they want, children will most likely end up hurting themselves in one way or other.

Parents usually wait before teaching this important lesson because they believe that the child is too young. The fact is that your child is always capable of learning. The most important thing for a parents is to remember that God has instructed in His words are the basis of what parents should use as guidelines to train their children and the children are obligated to obey.

To be successful parents you have to remember that lasting success rests upon foundation of character, ability, and hard work. There is a cause for every effect, a reason for everything that happens. If the cause is right, sound and proper, the desired effect is inevitable. Success is full of promise till you get it and then a last year’s nest which the bird has flown.

I will analysis you in a number of ways. Fore most you and your children mental and analytical capability is read and the Dasha and Gochar you and your children are running. A careful study on how your children are growing up can help to make a good and prosperous life for your children. I will guide you through the most effective Vedic remedial measures which can lessen if not eradicate the problems you are facing or you are supposed to encounter. You will get a step by step remedial methodology which can be adopted by you easily in your daily routine. You will also get your detailed report for the next many years and your detailed birth chart. So please come to me. I assure you I will not let you down and you will be satisfied like any thing.

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