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The Different Uses of Natal Charts/Birth Charts by Jackson Swift

Your birth chart can reveal a lot about who you are. They are calculated through the celestial bodies governing and transiting your date and time of birth. As compared to horoscope astrology which makes use of zodiac signs, natal charts are much more specific and personalized, because it is calculated especially for you. This means that it is more accurate than regular horoscope astrology. You will be surprised at how precise natal chart interpretations can be.

Astrology charts have a lot of uses. Most people use them for personality assessment. This is shown through the twelve houses in your natal chart. The twelve houses describe your personality, desires and attitudes toward life in general. It also gives you a clear picture of the things you should be aware of. In some aspects, this is also a way to foretell future difficulties or problems so you can avoid them.

Synastry is also a popular use for natal charts. It makes of two natal charts. It is mostly for those who are looking to find romantic compatibility with a partner. In Synastry, your two natal charts will be overlapped and compared. The similarities of the transits, as well as the governing celestial bodies will be calculated and analyzed. A report will then be generated accordingly.

Transit reports are one of the most helpful uses of natal charts. It can tell you how the governing celestial body in a certain period will affect your everyday life. It is very much like your daily horoscope but with greater detail, and more specific for you, because it is based on your natal chart.

You will be able to get your free birth chart and free horoscope online. offers free and accurate birth chart and natal chart reports which you can use.

Benefits of a Relocation Chart

Getting a natal chart can give you a lot of benefits. They are calculated specifically at the time, place and date of your birth, with regards to the aspects, transits and governance of celestial bodies. These celestial bodies (Pluto, Neptune, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Uranus, Mercury, Venus, including the Sun and the Moon) have a direct effect on how we behave and interact with other people. In calculating which planets govern your time and date of birth, you will be able to get a view on your personality. You will be surprised at how true and accurate the results of a birth chart interpretation can be.

An astrology chart can have a lot of uses. While Synastry (or compatibility) is the most popular, most people will be surprised to find that you can also get a relocation chart. Through the use of your natal chart, you will be able to get a glimpse of how you will fare if you move to a foreign land. Even for distances as small as the next city, you will find that there is a huge difference in how the planets align. This means that your reactions, emotions, behaviour, and impulses will also change. Your relocation chart will also be based on your birth chart. Through the use of relocation charts, you will be able to foretell your future in another place. If you are planning to change residences, or migrate to a new country, it is always a good idea to consult your relocation chart first.

As long as you have a natal chart, you will be able to cast a relocation chart. You can easily avail of a free birth chart online. There are a lot of websites which offer free birth charts, as well as free horoscopes. You will find that they are useful to your everyday life.

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