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Revolutionizing Indian Matrimony: Marriage Portals by Deepika Bansal

Marriage portals have become the new buzzword in the world of weddings in India. Parents of almost all marriageable children have now made accounts and registered themselves on one or the other marriage portals. There are many community specific as well as general marriage websites that facilitate interaction of two individuals and families with each other. These websites have been able to gain credibility among the normally conservative Indian families because weddings through them are a completely family affair.

Unlike, social networking websites where only two persons, the girl and the boy are involved, marriage portals are more family oriented. In fact, the reports suggest that more than personal profiles on such marriage portals are the profiles created by parents. It is mostly the parents who encourage matrimony through online matchmaking if they are not able to do it through relatives and friends. It is much simpler also because you can just browse through various number of profiles and have access to the complete information of a girl or a boy and decide if he/ she can be the potential partner for your child.

Indian parents are, especially, very concerned and conscious about the married life of their children and deem it as their responsibility to find them the right match. Marriages in India are given huge significance and are considered to be the most valuable occasion, thus, opinion of parents is very influential in this regard. They are always worried about partners selected for their sons and daughters, marriage being a lifelong decision. These websites have become a platform that helps these parents meet the families of eligible potential better halves of their kids.

The most demanding task for online wedding sites is to make parents believe that the profiles appearing on them are genuine. The presence of so many profiles created by parents emphasizes this, becoming a proof of reliability. Most of the unmarried people have guardians who have subscribed to the services of these matrimony sites. They now offer customized services as:
â€There have been many special matrimony sites coming up in India for mangliks; for overweight people; for Indians abroad; for those looking for second or re-marriage and many others.
â€Also, there are many community specific websites enables union of the people from same caste and religion like Hindu weddings, Jain matrimony, Tamil matches, Brahmin weddings, Kerala marriages, Kannada matrimony, Punjabi alliances, etc.

In online matrimony, the elements of arranged marriage and love marriage are combined; such weddings are pursued with permission of parents and consent of children. It is like a planned marriage where individuals know what kind of partner they want and expect their parents to find the same. You can browse through various profiles as soon as you become a member on the website and scout for the right person.

Profiles on wedding portals contain all the information related to a person, his birth place, date of birth, time, etc. which is generally used to match the horoscopes. Kundli matching is another very important part of Indian marriages that should match well for a go-ahead to the potential wedlock. The profiles also display the individual’s education qualification, employment status, his/ her interests, hobbies, likes/ dislikes, etc. These websites are also following trends by enabling picture uploading features. You can actually create albums with photos of you and your family members, your house, your car, etc. It would give a better picture of a person’s style of living, status, etc as well as introduce a more realistic and personal touch.

After selecting a profile, you can show interest by sending the likes to the person and further correspondence is expected to follow. If the other party reverts, you can exchange numbers, fix up a meeting and other things would follow. If both the parties feel satisfies, the couple is set to tie the knot.

The concept of â€planned marriages’ has, in a way, revolutionized ways of marrying in India. It adds more practicality than emotions to this lifetime decision and follows consent of both parents and children.

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Article Source: http://www.earticlesonline.com/Article/Revolutionizing-Indian-Matrimony–Marriage-Portals/716246

kundli in kannada

kundli in kannada/

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kundli in kannada/

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