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Know the course if your life from your Birth Chart by Atoot

Birth Chart

A birth chart is a very significant of Vedic astrology. It is also called natal chart. Birth chart or Natal chart shows the positions and arrangements of the stars at the time of birth in the place the native was born in.

Birth chart, also known as Janam Kundli has its derivation from the Vedas hence it is also known as the Vedic Birth chart. An additional accepted name for Birth chart is Horoscope. Janam Kundali or Birth chart is exclusive to each person as it is prepared on the basis of the precise date, time and place of birth of that individual.

There are three vital facts which are a necessity for making of the Birth chart or Horoscope of the native. These three important things include:

1. Date of birth
2. Precise time of birth
3. Place/Location of Birth

Any type of half truths about these facts on the subject of time and place of birth can transform the complete birth chart. It is taken into consideration that at that day and at that exact time what the position and arrangement of stars was. With the assistance of these positions Birth Chart or Janam Kundali is prepared.

It is assumed that the Vedic birth chart is a document which speaks volumes about the native. It helps one to be acquainted about the fundamental temperament of the person. What are the person’s likes or dislikes? Birth chart even puts forward on the subject of the life span of a person or at what time he or she will get wedded. As a consequence, in this way, Birth Chart or Janam Kundali is the outline of the existence of the native. Vedic birth chart is in addition important in deciding about the correct match for the native.
The birth chart will give you an idea about some very significant information which you should by no means fail to remember. You are most probable to be familiar with your Sun sign. The Sun sign is the most all-purpose information in the horoscope.

During the Vedic times, Birth chart was prepared by the astrologers who can meticulously appreciate the position and arrangement of stars. In the contemporary times, in contrast, with the improvement of technology there is such software on hand which can make the birth chart by just entering in it the necessary information required. This information includes date of birth, time of Birth and place of birth, which is the basic for any Janam Kundali to be made. With the aid of this software, birth chart would be available in no more than few minutes. This software also helps out in telling on the subject of the highlights of a native’s years. This software has made the Birth Chart straightforward and easy to use.

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Free Birth Chart Websites

Several websites offer free birth charts reading namely: gotohoroscope.com, alabe.com, 0800-horoscope, freehoroscopesastrology.com, chaosastrology.net, and astrosage.com.

It provides detailed interpretation of ones personality, love life, future, health and more based on the exact time, date and place of birth. Below are some popular sites that offer free natal chart reports:

GoToHoroscope – gotohoroscope.com

This site allows you to use free birth chart calculator and help you understand everything about your life. Fortune telling and planet interpretation are also some of its additional features.

Astrolabe – alabe.com

You can get birth chart, relationship, forecast, and intelligence reports for free at Astrolabe.

0800-horoscope – 0800-horoscope.com

Here is a complete astrology site that offers several services from full astro report, to numerology, to kozmik horoscope. It also provides free reading, horoscopes, and love compatibility analysis.

FreeHoroscopesAstrology – freehoroscopesastrology.com

FreeHoroscopesAstrology site literally means it’s analysis, zodiac horoscope, and astrology reading.

Chaos Astrology – chaosastrology.net

Free natal report that is detailed and comprehensive is what this site provides you. If you want an unlimited birth report, you can also avail of it by just giving a $12 donation. As an added feature of the site, consultations, personal reports, and private sessions are also offered.

AstroSage – astrosage.com

Provides you with birth chart, marriage compatibility, moon signs horoscope, and daily personalized horoscope – all cost free.

ifate – ifate.com

One can get it, a useful tool for interpretation of past, present and future happenings. Complete with all astrological tools like astrology sign explorer, today’s horoscopes, moon phase search, and Celtic cross tarot reading

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whom started the BIRTH CHART(HOROSCOPE)?

The Origins of Astrology To all astrologers and astronomers before the 17th century A.D. the terms ‘astrology’ and ‘astronomy’ were often interchangeable, although sometimes the emphasis applied to each was different. Astronomy was considered more mathematical and astrology more philosophical, but in general the practitioner of one was also a practitioner of the other. Thus the twin sciences share a common origin sometimes before the advent of recorded history in the third and fourth millennia B.C.

We may assume that the earliest astronomical observations were made by people who were anxious to plan their lives for the year, and who felt it necessary to know when the solstice was due, or the equinox, or perhaps the next full moon. Such activities presuppose an ability to perceive that physical events on Earth were linked in some way with events in the sky, and also mean that in some places at least, human society was approaching a measure of conscious organisation. It therefore follows that any society which wishes to regulate itself in some way must do so according to celestial phenomena. The fact that we still do this today has been obscured by our use of watches and calendars to tell the time and the date, but all human life is basically regulated by the movement of the Sun and the Moon, and the rotation of the Earth. The recognition of this was a central part of the process of the development of early civilisation.

To our ancestors it was imperative to know when flood and drought, heat and cold were due, so that migrations might take place, and crops might be planted. All these activities could be regulated with reference to the stars, and were so, even in countries such as ancient Egypt which never developed their own astrology. Evidence of the recording of lunar phases has been revealed by notches carved on animal bones dating back to about 15,000 B.C., during the old stone age, and before the development of agriculture. Such recording would have become far more important as a result of the development of agriculture between 10,000 B.C. and 5,000 B.C., and evidence from many early cultures shows that the heliacal rising of the stars was used by 2,000 B.C. to give a more precise timing to the agricultural year.

Such pragmatic reasons were not the sole ones behind the development of astrology, the history of which is also intertwined with the history of religion. At the same time as practical correlations were made between such events as the Sun’s annual rhythm and the seasons, symbolic connections were made between events which were not so obviously linked. The human pattern of life, moving from birth to death, was equated with the daily motion of the Sun in the sky, bringing with it the transition from darkness to light, and the annual cycle of vegetation throughout the seasons. Thus the observance of the calendar became, as it still is, an object of religious ritual, and there was a measure of interchange between heavenly sky deities and earth-bound vegetation deities.

No precise dating can be applied to the history of human religion, but it seems likely that some religious motive lay behind the construction of the Megalithic monuments of north-western Europe (c 4,000 – 2,000 B.C.). Recent archaeological research indicates that the builders of these monuments had reached a level of astronomical and mathematical sophistication which equalled that of Renaissance Europe, but the communal effort and concentration involved in the construction and maintenance of a building such as Stonehenge (c 2,600-2,000 B.C.) suggests some common ritual purpose. This society was clearly obsessed by the need to regulate the calendar and predict eclipses. It is only with the aid of computer technology that modern archaeologists have been able to understand the design of these monuments, which litter the countryside of large areas of western Europe, but we still have no means of understanding the full intentions of the society which constructed them.

It seems probable that the learning which was acquired in the Megalithic cultures was communicated to Mesopotamia, perhaps between 3,000 and 2,000 B.C. and it was in Mesopotamia just after this last date that we find evidence of the emerging combination of astronomy, mathematics and mythology which was to become the basis of astrology.

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