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Various Avatars of Vishnu by Cyber Astro

Vamana, The clever dwarf

Bali, the demon king was a good ruler and everyone loved him but his ego came in between and he thought that he was the lord of the three worlds. To destroy this ego of Bali Vishnu approached him as Vamana, the dwarf and asked him to give three paces of land. Shukra, his guru was somewhat suspicious but Bali did not listen to him. Shukra in order to save Bali reduced himself, entered the water pot and blocked its snout. Vishnu however, made him leap out of the Kamandalu.

Bali poured the water and Vamana was liable to have as much land as he wanted. In a blink Vamana turned into a giant Urugaya, his legs stretched beyond the abyss and his head rose above the clouds. The next step he claimed the stars and the planets.
Since Vamana had the entire universe he asked where he was supposed to place his next step. Bali bowed his head and requested Vamana to place his third step on his head. The ego was crushed and he was transformed into a divine demon.

Parashurama, the vengeful priest

Parasurama, in the form of Rama, armed with the axe, Vishnu destroyed the warrior caste (kshatriyas), for the good of the priestly caste. King Kaartaveerya-arjuna and his army visited Jamadagni, who fed his guest and the whole army with his divine cow; the king demanded the cow and Jamadagni refused because he needed the cow for his religious ceremonies. King Kaartaveerya-arjuna sent his soldiers to take he cow and Parashurama killed the entire army and the king with his axe. In return, the princes beheaded Jamadagni. In revenge, Parasurama killed the entire clan of Kaartaveerya-arjuna, thus conquering the entire earth, which he gave to Kasyapa.

According to the legend it is said that Parashurama also went to visit Shiva once but Ganesha blocked the way. Parashurama threw the axe at him and Ganesha, knowing Shiva had given it to him, allowed it cut off one of his tusks.

Rama, The dutiful Prince

Rama is the most loved avatar of Vishnu. He is a dutiful son as well as a great ruler. The heroic deeds of Rama are written in an epic, Ramayana. He is worshipped along with his devotee; Hanuman.Rama was the prince of Ayodhya who was banished to a forest for fourteen years by his mother. While they were on exile, Ravana, the king of Rakshas abducted Sita his wife. With the help of Hanuman and the army of monkeys Rama saved Sita who was a very devoted wife, Rama is said to be the symbol of dharma. Though Rama knew that Sita was as pure as Ganga but since he was a dutiful king he abandoned her in the forest. Rama performed his duties as a king with a golden image of Sita by his side. Faith brought the together once more and Rama also able to meet his two sons who were very strong and had also defeated the great army of Ayodhya.The subjects once more wanted her to prove her purity. Tired of proving herself time and again she returned when she came from. Though the people got their proof, Rama lost his wife so he left for Vaikuntha appointing his two sons as his successors.

Krishna, the righteous cowherd

Krishna is said to be the most perfect avatar of Vishnu. He is supposed to be very strong, clever and humble. He is the god who fought for honor. Kamsa, his half uncle tried to kill him because he was afraid that Devaki’s son would kill him. In order to save him he killed all the six siblings of Dewaki and Vasudev.He killed his uncle and freed his parents. In his yester-years—he used to break butter pot for ghee, steal clothes of Gopis and play pranks. Among the gopis, Radha was his dearest companion, the inspiration for his music. Krishna was also the guardian of his village. Along with his brother Balaram he destroyed-Agha, the Python; Arista, the bull; Baga, the stroke; Keshi, the horse; Vatsa, the heifer; Vyoma, the goat.

The Pandavas were the paternal cousins of Krishna.Yudhishtira possessed nobility, Bhima strength, Arjuna skill, Nakula charm and Sahadeva wisdom. Draupadi married the pandavas and became their wife. The pandavas chose Krishna rather than the huge army and Krishna in turn became the charioteer (sarathy) of Arjuna.The War was won by the pandavas and during this war we also see the true form of Vishnu-Vishvarupa.The words advised to Arjuna became the song of divine and this can be found in Bhagavad-Gita Gita.The death of Krishna was also the end of the Satya yuga and the beginning of the Kali yuga.

Buddha, the compassionate sage

Buddha who found the answer to human suffering is said to be the incarnation of Vishnu. Born to a royal family, the Sakya clan Gautama could have opted for all the good things in life but he was more inclined towards the human suffering. He left his kingdom, his crown, his wife and his son and started to lead a simple life. He tried to find the answer to his question through various means. One day when he was sitting under a pipal tree he found the answer to his question-Desire was the root of all pain. The only way to free oneself from desire is to alter one’s attitude and seek answers within oneself. He became the enlightened one and came to be known as Buddha.

Kalki, the messiah

Kalki is said to be the tenth avatar of Vishnu who will come to end the current Kali Yuga (The Age of Darkness and gloom). Kalki is a metaphor for eternity or time. He is said to be the destroyer of confusion, darkness, foulness and ignorance. â€Kal ki†in Hindi means â€tomorrow’s avatarâ€. In the Buddhist Kalachakra tradition, the Kalki (or Kulika) is the ruler of the legendary Kingdom of Shambhala, where the whole of society is enlightened and the Kalachakra tantra is held and widely practiced.
Kalki is supposed to be the last avatar of Vishnu and will come to the earth at the end of the current era. He will descend from heaven on a white horse, brandishing a flaming sword with which he will destroy the wicked people of the current world and renew creation and bring dharma once more back to this world.

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