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10th Ruler of the Zodiac Signs Explain by Jackson Swift

The widespread interests in horoscopes and the zodiac continue to grow through the years and this is largely due to its accuracy in predicting future events in people’s lives. They are also very helpful in giving a deeper knowledge of a person’s personality, the characteristics that explain the events that are occurring in a person’s life.

The astrology and the zodiac are also very helpful when it comes to determining the career that is suited for the person’s character, skills, and weaknesses. These factors are very important because these are what usually guide the people before making some important decisions in their lives. Then there is also the issue about a person’s compatibility with another. These factors in a person’s life need a lot of preparation and knowledge so as to avoid making the wrong decisions that might permanently alter the person’s course of life.

For whatever reasons people turn into the zodiac, they are sure getting what they are looking for and this alone explains why zodiac, though many are still doubtful, have survived the challenges of time.

In zodiac, a person’s planetary ruler of the Sun sign is important because their myths and attributes tell a lot of things about one’s own nature. A person who has Sagittarius as his/her Sun sign is ruled by the planet Jupiter. These people are said to radiate in an expansive and faithful way due to Jupiter’s role as a cosmic guide to life’s lucky breaks. The house wherein the Sun sign falls is said to be that area wherein a person expands. The planetary ruler of a person’s Sun’s house is also the same with its host, who directs that Jupiter-ruled search for a particular lesson or learning.

Each planet is said to be a symbolic ruler of each one or two Zodiac signs. This is what helps people understand the other dimension of a certain sign. Each planetary ruler goes along with the sign and house and when on is trying to intuit the planet’s importance and its position in one’s chart.

After a person has found out his/her astrology, the links become clearer. Each of the planet has their own attributes and are even termed as mercurial, venusian, jovial, saturnine, and others. These pairings were made through the planets that are in view having Saturn in the outer edge. After new planets have been discovered, astrologers altered the first established rulerships and have them based on what they have observed.

There are planetary rulers for both signs and houses and this kind of innate synthesis is the key to receiving astrology. Planets in their own signs like the Moon in Cancer were said to be dignified and that it is a placement of strength. However the Cancer Moon may sit in the Second House which is the natural house of the Taurus which in turn is rule by Venus. This indicates that the Cancer Moon will seek to cultivate through the senses and are likely to be great gourmands.

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