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Astrology chart also known in other terms like birth chart, natal chart, natus chart, or nativity chart, tells of the position of the stars and planets on the time and place of one’s birth. Graph is called a person’s life, personality and relationships are able to tell. In short, the life of a person’s birth chart, skills and inclinations reflect a possibility.

How is it? An astrologer, who did graduate studies and practice of astrology is the exact location of stars and planets occupy the time of his birth. This information is the events that occur in your life can be used to tell. Astrologer-life, future, past, relationships and opportunities will be able to predict. However, astrologers say these forecasts, as its name suggests, just as they were, did not say without doubt. They think they are excellent tools to assist in making decisions about life are mentioned.

Horoscope of how newspapers, Internet, and recently just seen on mobile phones, are the basis of the horoscope or astrological chart. Horoscope by date of birth of a person, place and time in bed. Astrology charts to help guide a person in self-knowledge to find the reasons why certain things happen.

Home regardless of a person of an internal nature, discusses its strengths and weaknesses. Reports, to help draw the opposite sex with a person to determine their compatibility. Employment for a person according to their ideas on the propensity of work should be appropriate.

There are certain factors that affect the accuracy of reading, as mentioned above is possible. It’s better than nobody can use and rely solely on reading his life to live. However, some wonder how the psychic readers learn to read and interpret a graph. A person birth sign that the birth of a person when the sun has been posted. This is usually the sign of the sun of the person said. This sign, according to astrologers and fortune tellers, a man of deep character, a true indicator of primary energy and brand growth potential. However, there are other signs of similar importance that may affect these estimates. These include the nodes of the moon as part of a fortune in the graph of the person or the Ascendant, Moon sign, which governs world and other planets and sensitive points of the signal. All these factors, the overall reading and the prediction of a person are affected.

Our star and planet positions in the birth of our horoscope and is the primary database. However, at the end of the day, but our life choices that will determine our future. Because these readings give us ideas about personality, it is estimated that determines to say we did our birth chart shows what might be useful.

I am a astrologers and i have done numbers of researcher’s in astrology. I also written some astrological books also. Here I want to share my experience on Birth chart, Horoscope compatibility, Kundli matching, Nadi astrology, Tarot Reading , Love Astrology, Daily horoscope and lucky baby names.

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