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How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks Naturally For Free

You can find ways on how to get rid of stretch marks for free searching online. But I have a short list here for you that you can start with right now. Laser surgery is really expensive, so your options is to get rid of stretch marks for free. Good for you that there several methods you can try. However, results are not quick.

As you know stretch marks form when the skin, which is made up of collagen, keratin, and elastin, stretches far too much it breaks the elastic fibers, which are very difficult to repair, if not impossible. However, there are things you can do to make the scars look less visible. There are home remedies for stretch marks, too, you know, and one of these is applying lemon on the stretch marks. Lemon has both antioxidant and bleaching properties, making it an excellent find for people with stretch marks. You may also try to reduce the appearance of stretch marks by massaging cocoa butter (shea butter also works well) onto the stretch marks. Cocoa butter moisturizes the skin and repairs the stretch marks to a certain extent.

Also a good idea when you have stretch marks is to improve your skin’s elasticity. The following exercises may help you towards that end:

* Do 10 to 20 crunches a day. The crunching exercise is done with your back flat on the floor, and then bringing your legs close to your chest. Return to original position, and repeat the process 10 up to 20 times.

* Do 10 to 25 sit-ups daily. Lie flat on the floor, flex your knees, and then bring your upper body up to touch your knees. You can do this set 10 times at the beginning of the program, but as you get more comfortable, you need to increase it gradually to 25.

* Do 10 squats a day. This is done standing up with legs slightly apart and the hands resting comfortably on the hips. Then bend your knees, as if you are going to sit down. Bring yourself up again. Do this 10 times a day to help firm the muscles of your back and thighs.

* Do 15 leg raises each day. The leg raise is an excellent exercise to flatten the abs, but it is also beneficial when you have stretch marks on the legs, buttocks, and tummy. To do this, lie on your back, and lift both legs together, holding them up for 5 seconds or so, before gradually lowering them down.

* Do 25 push-ups every day. This exercise is extremely useful when your stretch marks are on the chest and upper arms. To do this properly, lie with your face down on the floor, your arms fully flexed against the floor. Next, extend your arms to lift your body up, holding it for a couple of seconds, and then bring it down back on the floor.

With these exercises, you are kind of hitting two birds with one stone. Not only do these show you how to get rid of stretch marks naturally for free, these also help give you a firmer and more toned body.

free janma lagna kundali

Importance of Birth Chart

The Sanskrit for Horoscope is “Kundali”. The birth chart or natal chart in Sanskrit is then called “Janma Kundali”. By definition a horoscope depicts the position of all the planets in heaven for given date, time and sun sign. This date and time is critical because planets are in constant motion and their positions are continuously changing. The horoscope indicates the position of each planet with respect to the 12 zodiac signs. Each Zodiac sign represents 30 degrees of movement for each planet and the 12 Zodiac signs represent 360 degrees movement of each planet. Each planet moves at different speeds and at varying speeds each day. We also do the Astrology sign compatibility so that you can know how compatible you are with your loved ones. Moon is the fastest moving planet, and it takes approximately two and half days to travel through each Zodiac sign.

Ascendant or Lagna: Saturn is the slowest planet among Vedic astrology planets. It takes approximately 21/2 to complete its movement through one zodiac sign. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are even slower than Saturn. Apart from the position of each planet, the other most important parameter of the chart is called Ascendant or “Lagna” in Sanskrit. This is referred to as a point in a particular zodiac sign represented by a longitude expressed in degree, minutes and second and it is computed based on the exact Latitude/Longitude of the place where the particular person is born.

Every place on the surface of the earth has a unique ascendant sign and ascendant degree among the 12 zodiac signs at any given date and time of birth. The Ascendant point signifies the exact eastern horizon at the exact date, time and place of birth of a person. This is the unique space and time signature of a person. The Ascendant sign in the chart is also known as the first house of the chart. Every other sign in the zodiac then becomes the other houses in the chart in the anticlockwise direction. If the Ascendant sign is Aries in a horoscope chart, then the next zodiac sign in the anticlockwise direction is Taurus. Taurus will be considered as 2nd house in the chart. Similarly each of the 12 zodiac signs will then represent 12 houses in the chart. So the natal horoscope chart signifies the individual planet positions in different zodiac signs and the ascendant and 12 houses in the chart based on the date, time and place of birth. This is the permanent chart of an individual, which does not change as the birth details do not change.

Dasha Chart: Every birth chart has a dasha chart, which starts from the date and time of birth and is unique for every individual. This uniqueness comes from the start of the Dasha system for the person. A person’s Dasha system can start from any point within the sequence described above. Once the starting point is computed from the birth chart, then it must follow the sequence given above. This starting point is not chosen at random but it follows a definite mathematical logic and is computed from the exact longitude and zodiac sign where Moon is located in the natal horoscope chart.

To analyze smaller time durations in a person’s life, the Dasha system (Planet Main Period) can be further sub-divided into Antar Dasha (sub-period) or it can be further divided into 3 rd level of Pratyantar Dasha (sub-sub periods). Theoretically we can create charts even to 5th level covering few hours of a person’s life, which is called Sukshma Dasha.

However it is not reliable or practical to create a chart beyond 3rd level as mentioned above because our birth time is never totally accurate, and even if a person has clear birth time recorded at the time of birth, the associated error will be exotically reflected beyond 3rd level and no reliable analysis can be done. Besides there are different opinions among Vedic astrologers on which moment during birth constitutes the actual birth time. I am not going to such controversies in this article. The dasha system reflects that planets deliver their natal promises during their period, sub-period and sub-sub periods as per the person’s chart.

The birth chart becomes the main tool in the hands of an astrologer to predict when and what events will take place in a person’s life.

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