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Free janam patrika


Astrology Numerology Vaastu Palmistry by Acharya V Shastri

Acharysa V Shsastri ji is a unbeaten proficient online Indian Vedic astrologer, astrologer and KP System astrologer with in excess of 25 years of experience in Vedic astrology, Hindu astrology and Indian traditional astrology. Predictions are based on Krishna-Murti Paditti (KP) System (Advanced Vedic Astrology) & Prashara Astrology and analytical the timing of actions is the main characteristic of his work.

The main spotlight of his practice is on love life, marital compatibility, progeny, profession, education and financial stability. More then eighty percent of his clients and followers are returning clients/followers who are already pleased of their online astrology reading / horoscope reading. He has been working as an online Astrologer from so many years. He is among a small number of Astrologers whose clients/followers are broadening across the world. He has served generally as an Astrologer in USA, Astrologer in Canada, India, UK and Australia.

What is compulsory to get a astrological online interpretation is the correct date of birth, time of birth and place of birth of an individual and our astrologer Acharya V Shastri would cast Vedic Astrology chart (Birth Chart – Janam Patrika) and based on the birth chart predictions would be made. Astrology interpretations are based on Vimshotari Mahadasa, Bhukti, Antara and Transits of the dasa consecutively planets. If any body is not sure about his/her time of birth then horary astrology would be used to analyze his/her chart. If an individual cannot provide the accurate birth information then he requests to provide a number from 1 to 249, which would facilitate our Astrologer to put up a horary chart for that particular individual.

Horary astrology and Prashara Astrology should not be mixed with numerology, this is wholesome astrology where like birth chart and horary chart is erected with the planets occupying houses as in universe on the same day where only the rising sign is calculated based on the number provided by the client.  Vedic Astrology Compatibility is also done taking the birth data of two people’s specially male and female. Unlike traditional Vedic Astrology where Bhavas (Houses) are given more significance here the Nakshatra of the planets are more significance along with Sub Nakshatra which is the main characteristics of KP. Though Acharya V Shastri is talented in KP Astrology he still cross checks each chart with traditional Vedic principles. Unlike other websites our chart interpretations are done by a real live trained Vedic astrologer (Acharya V Shastri) and are not computer/machine generated, common and frosty readings. People from all stroll of life discuss with us the service that we provide gives talks about the prospects with precise time shape.
The valuable site is providing free reading of 2011 based on your Rising moon and sun sign along with the basic characteristics of each Rising moon and sun sign. The yearly based predictions are there in form of text files for each Rising sign (Ascendant). Along with this visitor to the website can read general characteristics of individual Nakshatra and Moon sign.

About the Author

Acharysa V Shsastri ji is a unbeaten proficient online Indian Vedic astrologer, astrologer and KP System astrologer with in excess of 25 years of experience in Vedic astrology, Hindu astrology and Indian traditional astrology. Predictions are based on Krishna-Murti Paditti (KP) System (Advanced Vedic Astrology) & Prashara Astrology and analytical the timing of actions is the main characteristic of his work.

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