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The potential of Indian Food Processing Industry by Govind Kumar

As per the latest updates ( Nov 2009 ), the Indian food market is estimated at $182 billion.

According ot McKinsey and Co, the retail food market is estimated at $70 b and may grow to $150 b in the next fifteen years and the world retail food market will grow from $150 billion to $400 b.

India’s agri exports stand at a paltry $10 b and it may grow to $20 b in the next five years. India’s farm product exports will grow from 2% to 5%, in the next coming years.Regarding spices, India exported $ 11.68 b in 08/09 ( 470520 tonnes ).

Food processing industry in India is growing at 14% and she received FDI in food processing to the tune of $878 million.

India’s share in exports of processed food is abysmally low, at 1.5%. The global processed food market is estimated at $3.2 trillion.

The Indian government has formulated a Vision 2015, to triple the size of the f.p industry, from the current $ 70 b to around $ 210 b, enhancing her global share to 3%, increasing value addition to 35%, from the current 20% and raising the level of processing of perishables to 20%. For that, an investment of $20 billion is required.

Ernest & Young estimates that the food processing industry in India will grow 40%, up from the present 15%.

Rural infrastructure should be improved and more FDI shoud come into this sector, if India’s dreams are to be realised.

The Indian diary sector is around $ 62 b and will grow to $108 b. The Indian food production is estimated at 500 million tonnes and food processing industry has immense potential . But at the moment, it is undercapitalised and potential unactualised.

Astrologically, Jupiter has moved to the 8th house in India’s horoscope. India’s Moon Sign is Cancer and Jove is adverse in the 8th. So she will have to face a lot of problems, till Jupiter moves from Aquarius. So for one year, adversity lies ahead. But then, Adversity doth best discover Virtue and everything happens for one’s own good. On the positive side, she is freed from Elarata Saturn, which will give her her lost wealth. There will be furthur growth in the economic and scientifc sectors.

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Once her potential is actualised, she is a superpower, a land powerful in arms and with a fertile soil . Not only rising in the materialistic and the scientifc sectors, but also in the spiritual. Not only is she a technology and science superstar, but also a World Guru. India is the land where the Vedas and the Upanishads first saw the Light and will be the nation responsible for uniting all under Universal Love, under a World Government, under a New Atlantis . Bha means Light and Rathi means attachment to Light. Bharat means the land of Light and people are basically attached to the Light Divine and are Initiates. Indians, therefore, are the Chosen People, who can mystically tune into the Divine, into the Cosmic and India will rightly get her worldpowerdom in the years to come !

Globalization, says Robert Kaplan ( vide the New York Times ) , has led Indians io rediscover their glorious Hindu Civilization, the source of its vibrant free democracy. Many concepts are Indian in origin. Will Durant said †Mother India is the mother of us all. Through Sanskrit, the mother of Europe’s languages. Through the Buddha, of the ideals embodied in Christianity. Through the Arabs, of higher maths and alegra. Through the village community, of self-government and democracy. Mother India, is in many ways, the mother of us all â€

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