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How To Deal With Death – Transforming To A Lifetime Of Freedom

I have had numerous losses during my life and some are actually life changing. My first major loss was my mom who had fought against cancer for many years. She had been a wonderful lady who loved God with all her heart. She looked forward to going home (Heaven) and seeing her Jesus. What a opportunity to walk along with her as she did this last journey of life on this earth.

The following substantial loss in my life has been my dad. Like my mom he loved His Lord and Savior and had for half dozen years missed my mom extremely. I have the fortune to keep him in my arms his last four hours of life. It had been just simply him and me and I recognized he was heading home to observe his Jesus as well as see my mom. I had the ability to smile while he took his last breaths and I heard the death rattle coming from his lungs.

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God had grown me between my mom and dad’s death. I am not confident I could have held my mom and smiled while she journeyed home. Some of her last statements to me were her wonderful anticipation involving Heaven. During the very last days and nights I’d personally read her the Bible, never quite to her full satisfaction, but she loved my fumbling around with a few of the words. I had grieved my mom’s arriving demise for a long time so when she travelled home I was joyful for her but sad regarding my father. My focus quickly turned to my father yet it was not possible for me to understand about the depth involving his agony. God would certainly show me this a few years later on when my very own wife would die at an early age. You see God had been preparing me for my journey. He had been growing me to learn to rely on Him and Him alone.

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