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How To Deal With Guilt; Living A Life Of Freedom in Just 10 Days!

I am certainly not a big fan of guilt. It’s irritating! Each time I turn around, something is skulking round the corner that makes me feel guilty. What I eat or shouldn’t, how much I exercise – or do not, Individuals I should have called but did not and the things I could have finished today but left until tomorrow or later. The list isn’t ending as is the guilt and I know I am not by myself in what I’m going through.

The Baltimore Sun newspaper has assembled an extensive group of stories they have written on the guilt people experience, covering everything from mom guilt to survivors guilt which also includes people who’ve survived the current recession with their employment still intact and those who have survived a plane wreck when others died. To Read More…

How to deal with guilt is the essential question of a world charged with it, because many people are being burdened by their guilt. Guilt is an awful thing. Depending on the root of guilt, the resulting embarrassment and remorse can make living rather difficult, even weakening if life gets to be too much. There is no doubt that a lot of guilt is self-inflicted based totally on impractical expectations by others or ourselves. We need to figure out how to let go of that kind of guilt, or even better, not let ourselves take possession of it. However, often guilt is reasonable when caused by wrong, immoral or illegal behavior. If thats the case, what are the options?

In figuring out the best way to deal with guilt, you might attempt to live with it, tell yourself it’s in the past and whats finished is finished and continue on with what is bound to be not as joyous way to live life. Or you might try to explain or decrease it, referencing 30 different folks you know who’ve done what you did or worse, making you feel miles better in comparison. Or you might spend the rest of your time in life doing penance for it? (A lot of people do this without even realizing it.) If youve done something in your life you feel bad for, you know none of these are wonderful options. Guilt could ruin your life before you achieve relief going down one of those paths.

A better option is to ask for clemency from the Person that is actually able to pardon you, your Heavenly Father. Guilt is sin and sin is anything in contrast to what God would have us think, do or say! Hence, what that means then is that all sin is directly against God.

King David writes in Psalm 51:4 when he says against you and you only have I sinned and done that which is evil in your sight he was referring to the cheating he had committed with Bathsheba and the successive murder of her partner when trying to cover it up. Yes, there were people involved in his sins but most importantly his sins were against God. As a result it was God’s forgiveness that he needed.

God not only forgives but He pardons and thats where the freedom from guilt arrives from. God, when he forgives, completely releases you from any farther punishment of the sin and He even goes so far as to forget what we did. He can do that because He is God. Now, there still might be consequences from the sin you committed that cannot be evaded; cheating on a exam might still result in failing the class, an adulterous affair may still result in the marriage breaking up and lying to a supervisor could mean the end of a job but it does not mean those can never be forgiven or pardoned.

If we’ve got an intimacy with Our Lord, through His Son Jesus Christ, God promises us in I John nineteen. If we confess our sin He is faithful and just to forgive us of our sin and to clean us from all unrighteousness (everything not in conformity to His will in purpose, thought and action). Not only will He clean us but He removes our guilt.

Our world is very good at handling things we don’t know how to fix. We may manage illness and pain and suffering. We try and manage our fear and anxiousness and even our guilt. We spend so much useless time on managing things that He wants to heal, deliver us from or excuse us of and give us freedom in this life. Living with guilt is not the way God intends for anyone to live life. He paid the highest sacrifice possible, the passing of His Son Jesus, for your pardon and release from guilt. Why then, would He not welcome your asking to do so gladly?

To find out about pursing a connection with God and realizing His love that will really give you freedom go to Living Life Set Free by clicking on: How To Deal With Guilt.

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