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Horary Astrology by Govind Kumar

Horary Astrology is based on Hora or Hour. Its principles are similar to
the principles of Natal Astrology. Some factors which are unknown to Natal
Astrology is cognised by Horary. For instance, a person may not have his
time of birth. So he asks the Astrologer questions and these questions are
answered by Horary.

The time of Query is noted and the map of the heavens prepared for that
time. Any query can be answered by V A Horary.

Like the Four Base Points of the Zodiac in Natal Astrology, Horary uses 4
Basic Points – the Base Ascendant, the Rising Ascedant, Veedhi & Chatra.

Apart from Natal Astrology, there are other calculations like the Triune
Longitude ( Trisphutam) and Subtle Triune Longitude ( Sookshma Trisphutam).
These longitudes are Death Longitudes and their falling in certain Zodiacal
Signs indicates inauspiciousness.

Along with the Ascendant which is the base of Natal Astrology, Horary uses
another Base Ascendant known as Aroodha Lagna. If the Vedic aphorism is
” Sarvam Vilagnepi Chinthayeth”( Everything is based on the Ascendant ), in
Horary everything is based on the Base Ascendant ( Aroodha – Sarvam
Aroodepi Chinthayeth )

Defintions of the Triune Longitude and the Subtle Triune Longitude

Trisphutam ( TRI) – The longitudes of Gulika, Moon and Ascendant all summed
up together.

Sookshma Trisphutam (STRI) – Prana Sphuta + Deha Sphuta + Mrityu Sphuta

Medical Horary Astrology

Analysing Badha Sthana for Cause of Disease.

Badha Sthana is the Cause of all diseases. If the Lord of Badha is with the
6th lord, disease is due to enemy. If the Badha lord is with the 8th lord,
cause of disease is imbalance of the 3 Ayurvedic humours.

For example, for Cancer Ascendant, the Badha Sthana is Taurus. If Venus, the
lord of Taurus is posited with Jupiter, the sixth lord, Shatru Badha ( Enemy
generated disease ) is indicated. If Venus is with Saturn, disease due to
imbalance of Vata, Pitta and Kapha indicated.

The Horary Ascendant ( Prasna Lagna )
This is the Rising Sign at the time of query.
The Horary Base Ascendant ( Aroodha Lagna )

This is the all important Aroodha Lagna on which the entire Horary V A is
based. If the Base Ascendant and the Rising Ascendant are in 6/8 positions,
Prasna or Horary should not be done. This means that the querent is facing
formidable dangers. If they are in 2/12 positions, there is only a partial

V A Horary can answer all your questions. You can ask our Web Astrologer for
any queries. Ask your specific question. Questions regarding job prospects,
business, love, health all can be emailed to Web Astrologer or fill up the
form below. Please state your Sun Sign ,Moon Sign and Birth Star. If you
do not know
these details, send date, time and place of birth.

In our Zodiac Horary Software, all you have to do is to feed the Aroodha
and the date, time and place of birth and it will give you a 30 page report.
You can
do Horary Astrology effortlessly, with all computations at your finger tips.

Article by G Kumar, Astrologer, writer & programmer of
He has 25 years psychic research experience in the esoteric arts. He gives
free tips at and stock market investment advice
can be got at

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