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The Sidereal Transit of Saturn II by Govind Kumar

Moon Sign Capricorn – Saturn is extremely malefic in the 8th. All sorts of impediments and obstacles crop up in your path. Melancholy marks you for her own during this dark phase .Misunderstandings with loved ones. Enemy trouble indicated. You are forewarned to avoid arguments and unnecessary speculation. This is not the ideal time to speculate. Also be careful in handling human relations. Indulgence in mean activities is the result and you will be bereft of happiness. There will be sorrow and loss in the financial sphere ( Analpa Dukha Nichayam ). Dhanakshayam or unnecessary expenditure will characterise this period.

Moon Sign Sagittarius – Saturn may cause financial tightness. Obstacles and mental worry. Suffers from hatred ,heart trouble and even imprisonment. There will be tendencies to move away from Wisdom and the Law ( Dharma Pranasa Mayan ). This is the ideal time for Meditation and to enjoy the bliss of the Self.

Moon Sign Scorpio – Saturn causes loss in the financial sphere ( Daridram ). Be careful about speculation and investment. Gets new avocations but loses money and fame. This is a bad phase temporarily and is called Angular Saturn. Mind becomes perturbed as a result of an adverse Saturnine stance. You can recourse to Remedial Astrology for solace.
Moon Sign Libra – This is a prosperous period as Saturn turns benign and blesses you with financial and educational gains. Your assets will increase. And so will goodwill and reputation. Your merits will be extolled. If you speculate, you may come up with flying colours. Monetary windfall can be expected from the stock market. Birth of a son and general happiness. If you take the proper calculated risks, you can get gain from the stock market and jackpot. ( Dhana labham ).

Moon Sign Virgo – In the 12th, Saturn marks the beginning of Elarata Saturn ( His 7 1/2 adverse period.) Everything goes topsy turvy. Do not take unnecessary risks as this period is highly adverse. Dangers to health & wealth indicated. Transfer to some other area is also possible. Be careful about handling money as Saturn can damage your purse ( Artha Vihathim ).

Astro-Therapy for Saturnine Transit

Saturn is the second biggest planet in the solar system. ( 700 earths can be fit into Saturn ) & his transit is indeed very important to the astrological fraternity. As he is the planet of Ayus or Longevity, his transits can make or break you, healthwise. He also rules Death & diseases. In Medical Astrology, he rules the Vayu Tattwa, the Air Principle in the body physiologic ( as the human body is made up of the Five Great Elements ). Arthritis, paralysis & epilepsy, loss of appetite & the diseases caused by deficiency of the Air Element are caused by him. He represents Sorrow, the Sorrow of the Cosmic Man, the sorrow inherent in the act of Manifestation. He represents the masses and is the planet of Democracy and Communism. He is the Celestial Judge of all actions. He is the planet of Boundless Time, Eternity. He is also the Death planet (Mrityur Vyadhischa Dukham Shanirapi Gadhitham ). He can elevate you to dizzy heights and at the same time hurl you into the abyss of dissolution. He creates fear of enemies. He causes quarrels related to money and destruction of agriculture. His satellite Gulika ( mythologically represented as his son ) is another highly malefic planet. ( Akhila Mrityu Samhara Karako Mandi ). In Horary Astrology, if both Saturn and Gulika are together, it spells big trouble for the querent. If they are together in the 4th, it can indicate a disease of the location, like cancer ! ( “Cancer is a disease of the location” – Dr Hartman )

Origin of Gulika

There is an interesting story about the origin of his son, Gulika. Ravana , a person of immense occult power, commanded Saturn to come and stay in the 11th House of his son, Indrajith, the 11th House being the best house for Saturn to be in. Saturn, with his innate laziness, came and stayed at the 11th house but put his foot in the 12th ( the worst house for Saturn to be in ). An enraged Ravana cut off his leg and the entire mass of blood and bones went and stayed at the Ascendant ( Lagna ) as Gulika !

As astro-therapeutic remedies, you can fast on Saturdays, read the Scriptures on Saturdays, wear Blue Sapphire on Saturdays & consecrate to the Lord on Saturdays. Saturnine Mantras have been given in our webpage You can chant his mantra, his Stotra, his Peedahara Stora & his Gayatri for optimum relief. Wearing Talismans or Amulets ( particularly Saturnine Amulets like Shaneeswara Yantra ) can be very beneficial as it wards off the the malefic Saturnine rays. Performing Saturn Havan ( Shaneeswara Homa ) by 3 Brahmin scholars ( 3*336 Urus of the Shaneeswara Mantra before a Homa Kunda ) also imparts relief. Saturday is derived from Saturn’s Day . Saturday was consecrated to Saturn. ( From the Latin Dies Saturni & the Sanskrit Shani Var ) Blue Sapphire is his primary gemstone & Blue Spinel his secondary gemstone.

If you are in doubt, please contact

Note – The above results are general and they should be carefully applied to individual horoscopes in the light of directional influences ( Dasa ). For example, if there are no powerful yogas in the radical chart , reputation wealth & fame denoted by a transit will have a very limited scope for expression. On the other hand, if both directional & transit influences are adverse, even the longevity of the native will be threatened.

For human beings there are 100 types of Apamrityu or temporal death periods and one Kala Mrityu or genuine Death period. The transitory death period or Apamrityu can be warded off by Remedial Astrology, by Homa & other divine remedial measures, whereas Kala Mrityu or genuine Death cannot be warded off.

Libra & Gemini people – Take this opportunity of a favourable Saturnine Transit and prosper. You have to channelise your energies in a special way. Please contact to know how

Article by G Kumar, astrologer, writer and programmer of He has 15 years research
experience in Stock Market Astrology and in various other branches of
Astrology. Recentlyhe was awarded a Certificate by the Planetary Gemologists
Association as a Planetary Gem Advisor. Great Ebooks at Free Astro Tips at

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As a science, if a metaphysical science to some, astrology has been with us since the beginning of time when our forefathers first noticed movements in the skies and correlated these to events that transpired here on planet Earth. Now, in the age of Quantum Physics, are seeing the deeper meanings, the energetic flows between all of the heavenly bodies – and are processing how to apply this knowledge to making day to day decisions in our personal lives.

A sign in the zodiac is identified by the characteristic heap or cluster of the stars constituting it. It is believed, a Zodiac sign provides a glimpse of your inherent personality.

:: Astrology for human Life belives Indian Astrology or jyotish is the study of correlations of celestial events with behavior on earth, particularly correlations which cannot be explained by gravitation, magnetism, or other forces that are well-established in physics or other sciences.

Through website we wish to suggest ways and habits which we can incorporate in our daily life so that we can be inclined in accordance with nature and stars leading to synergy instead of creating friction leading to a happier life. blending of ancient and modern sciences, or, in other words, the synthesis of the ancient wisdom and the modern scientific knowledge. It is a positive resolve for creating a healthy human society – healthy in all respects physically, mentally and emotionally.

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