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Elements of a Horoscope by Jhon1

What you understand of Horoscope? Our everyday or monthly future predictions. No ‘Horoscope’ is not that, it is a scientific study of planetary positions as and when you were born. Horoscope is made of two words ‘Horo’ means hour and ‘scope’ means presentation, picture. It means the representation of the hour in chart with planetary positioning of and when a person is born. Horoscope is represented in a form of circle which is divided into 12 parts.

Horoscope Wheel (circle) Parts

Houses : Houses are the twelve sectors, pie-shaped which are numbered counter clockwise. (as earth rotates counter clockwise)

Cusps : The houses are separated by twelve straight lines, they are Cusps.

Center : The centre is the position where earth is placed.

Lets have a look at the Horoscope House and what they represent:

First House: The First house represents, the physical appearance, the prime fascia, manners, etiquette, outer self of a person. It ‘filters’ everything to the inner self. It also reflects the person’s sun sign, communication with the external environment and others. It gives you idea about your health related issues.

Second House : This house deals with how the individual’s wealth and income source will be. How much spendthrift a person will be, the preferences, such as wardrobe, eating habits, self satisfaction, pleasure, sex.

Third House : The third House tells about the daily mindset, thinking ability, mental ability, â€IQâ€, central nervous system, communications ability and skills (talking, reading, writing, expressions, gestures), technical / mechanical proficiency (skill), routines, traveling locally, siblings.

Fourth House : The fourth house in one’s birth chart shows the upbringing, family roots parents in general about father or mother. Self confidence, security feelings, settling preferences, the locality around the residence area, memories.

Fifth House : This house tells you about the offspring of mind and body. Here mind represents creativity whereas body relates to one’s children. This house also represents love affairs, lovers, the pursuits of pleasure and happiness, also reflects sense of humour, risk taking ability, fun and games, gambling.

Sixth House : This house represents one of most important aspects such as health and body parts which need extra care, work options, the work condition, the potential of work related efficiency, colleagues, dedication towards work, environments and servants too.

Seventh House : This house deals with the association of the close people around, which includes your spouse, binding, agreements, contracts, law and order or legal matters, relationships affiliations, memberships.

Eight House :The house standing at the eight position tells you about the desire, motivations and its intensity( this factor is against the hopes and wishes which is in the 11th house), sex drive, sexuality, your stance on long matters, also includes the responsibility and benefits which comes with the Seventh House of marriage and partnerships.

Ninth House : The Ninth house is totally opposed to the third house. It is related to intuition power, mind, the Godly beliefs, philosophies, spiritual beliefs, voyages or long traveling, higher education. Communications with varied people, issues of greater distance or also with foreigners. It will also tell you about the beliefs and experiences.

Tenth House : The 10th house reflects the careers you would like to choose, fame and recognition in public, people recognizing you, who will influence you more; mother or father.

Twelfth House : This house sums up all your abilities which have not been used. It will tell you about your restrictions, limitations, the talent and abilities which were not used, it also tells about the putting obstacle happiness and success. This house is also known as the ‘dustbin’ of the horoscope.

Horoscope tells you about how your personality will be’ the changes it will incur time and again. It not a prediction but a proper scientific way to know about you planetary positions.

We at are researching in the area of Astrology and the Horoscope for years now. Our predictions made on the basis of Horoscope are accurate.

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