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Discover and learn all about your natal chart by Jackson Swift

Natal chart is an individualized horoscope of a person in which its accurateness is dependent on these three factors: the birth date, the time of birth, and the place of birth. Each person has their own astrology chart and birth chart. According to experts astrologers a natal chart or birth chart provides prediction in relation to a person’s love life, health, opportunities, and a lot more. Its correctness is extremely reliant on the precision of each detail specified. To be competent to comprehend intensely, a person need to learn more about the definition of what birth chart is all about.

Here are the 3 factors that can affect the accuracy of the birth or natal chart interpretation:

Birth date – Exact date of a person be supposed to be given to settle on the place of the stars and planets at the very same day you were born.

Time of birth – In view of the fact that the planets and all other heavenly bodies are incessantly moving, each one movement corresponds to a every person and on its own time. As a result, still a minute difference in the time of birth will make a substantial consequence in the result of natal and birth chart reading.

Place of birth – Natal charts or birth charts are basically geocentric, which means based on earth. The precise position at the time of birth is very important to bear out the position of the planets, sun and moon as they turn around around the earth.

There are many resources in the Internet that you can go through and check your astrology chart reading. However you need to be extra careful and seek guidelines and advices only from the most skilled and accurate astrologer and psychic medium.

When you first see a natal chart, you may be confused. There are a lot of terms that are specific to a natal chart. IF you want to fully understand what your horoscope chart means, then it would be best to understand these terms.
Most people do not even know what a natal horoscope is. It is made up of various mathematical calculations, based on the birth moment of an individual. They include the positions for various celestial bodies such as the moon, sun and eight planets. The natal horoscope also calculates the various sensitive points such as the ascendant, midlevel, and others.

A chart wheel is an important feature of the layout of a natal horoscope. It is a three hundred sixty degree picture of the heavens during the exact moment of your birth. The top of the chart is called the midlevel, which is directly above your head. The nadir o IC is at the bottom where your feet stand. Meanwhile, the left hand side of the wheel is the ascendant or rising sign, which is the rising zodiac of your birth moment. The descendant is on the opposite side of the ascendant, which is where the zodiac sets.

In an astrology chart, you can measure your planet position through the various degrees minutes and second of your time of birth. The line in your chart where a house begins is called a cusp. Meanwhile, glyphs in astrology are like a special language for astrologers. They symbolize different planets and zodiac signs in the natal chart report. Memorizing the glyphs will make it easier for you to read a horoscope chart report.

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Free Daily Horoscopes or Natal/Birth Chart

If you reading daily horoscopes on internet every day you can find that those free daily horoscopes not always 100% accurate. Reason for that you can find in fact that most of this things are based on general astrology, actually, those horoscopes are based only on your Sun sign. Your Sun sign, or more commonly known as the zodiac signs the dominant feature of your chart, but it is not the only one. Various sorts of horoscope based on Sun sign can offer only some important aspects of relationships between celestial bodies and planets, but not all.

Because of that, free daily horoscopes are not accurate for every single person.

However, Sun sign is about 40% of your horoscope and those predictions can be helpful as daily guide for your behavior, your business and your compatibility with partner.

The twelve zodiac signs are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

Every single sign have a house. Each house defines a specific area like personal identity, native power and communication.

Natal/birth chart with the moment of your birth display your life based on the sign and degree of sign they occupied at your birth moment in these houses.

Because of that, natal/birth chart can be much more accurate for every single person on this planet.

However, daily horoscope can be very effective weapon for your business or personal life day. If one knows how his day going to be, he can be prepare and ready for temptation and turn his day into great experience.

Those prediction can improve your life. For example, in your relationship, daily predictions can give you insight in understanding your partner’s personality better and give you inspiration to connect with your partner on emotional and every other plan.

In the end, choice is your. Free daily horoscopes are free and about 40 % accurate. Natal/birth chart are not free and you can get much more accuracy.

People who may not believe much in daily horoscopes and take it for entertainment purposes only can get it for free, but with those horoscopes can get basic guide for behavior, business and compatibility with partner.They can get about 40 % accuracy. On the other side, people who want to get more accuracy always can buy their natal/birth chart.

Here you can get free daily horoscope, and here you can read more about twelve zodiac signs.

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Astrology question to the guy called Dave?

Dave, I see that you don’t believe in Astrology, I find this very saddening so I decided to make a birth chart for you IF and only if you give me the following info

1. Birth date (dd/mm/yyyy)
2. Birth hour and minutes
3. Birth Place

The meaning of this is that I want you to give Astrology a chance by looking at your very own birth chart..Please if you like and if you read this , post a question on Yahoo Answers with the above information.

If you do this, I will gladly answer your question and show you your personality! (For free of course)

I will wait here in Horoscopes section until I see your question and birth info so I can make a birth chart for you..

Of course you may choose if you want to do this, just reply to this question with saying if you want to do it or not , ok?

Greetings from Jonathan V.
lol he’s not answering my question
Alicia M lol but..where is Dave…
I don’t think Dave is going to answer my question so I give up…Well, at least I tried…

Don’t assume that Dave is awake and online. Send an e-mail and he will answer. Chatting is frowned on here.

Can’t answer for Dave, but I’d rather see evidence that passes testing. Astrology is dependent on time. But births are random events. There are such things that are call time twins. This is more common than than you may think. Large city hospitals can have more than one baby born at the same time and place. To different sets of parents. From different ethnic backgrounds.

Mexico City is the largest city by area in the world. Bigger than some countries in size and population. Don’t think astrologers as what part of the city someone is born. There are many countries that don’t record birth times, just date.

Just present solid evidence that others can repeat, without the belief factor. Good evidence will always trump blind belief.

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