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Deep Understanding of Birth Chart Synthesis by Jackson Swift

When birth charts or natal charts are discussed, there are some few things that crossed our minds. And that is, how does a certain chart ever been used as a form of knowing someone and determining their future. Somehow these unexplainable things are not the things that bothered some Philosophers and other ancestors with their personal beliefs but rather the practice that goes with it.

There are Astrological explanations that have evolved in this field and there are so many followers who are into this practice until now. Some few things that is great to know is that there are certain method in which the birth chart or a natal chart is being organize in order to interpret its meaning.

What others do is that Astrologers had to Erect or cast the natal chart and begins by getting the basic information that he needs. He would start by determining the exact coordinates of the place of birth, and with the use of Ephemerides and Table of Houses, the calculation of planets and houses in the ecliptic are also addressed. And finally, by drawing the horoscope itself or the casting of natal chart will commenced.

Today, natal chart is done in a much easier way. By just a single access to the computer and internet, you will get an easy means of getting the casting done in a matter of seconds. A faster and much accurate means on how the Astrologers calculate the figures on identifying your natal chart sign.

Few things that you should know about natal charts is that it has twelve houses in its birth chart. The first entails primary motivations and can say a lot about physical appearance and reputation. First house has different ascendants.
There are many other things as explained in the twelve houses, and we only had one to share while the rest needs a lot of explanations. Just remember that the houses are twelve divisions of the daily cycle. They represent the houses as it was projected into the ecliptic.

Each system has different types of correspondence as well, in between the yearly cycle which is represented by Signs and daily cycles. All systems of house divisions are valid if we keep in mind the type of correspondence each one is using.

A birth chart or astrology chart is generated by calculating the exact placements of the celestial bodies during your time and date of birth. These celestial bodies, which include the seven planets, the moon, and the sun, are believed to influence us in a big way. It comes in a wheel pattern with twelve divisions. It can be quite complicated to read and interpret an astrology chart, as professional astrologers usually do that job. However, a little knowledge in how it is interpreted can help you expand your knowledge about Astrology and natal charts.

The sun conjunct moon suggests that your emotions rule you at a certain point. They indicate that your natural instincts are very reliable. Also, it suggests that you are content with yourself, and are very self-driven. Sun conjunct Mercury means that you are very stable and can handle a lot of stress. Sun conjunct Venus has a very positive effect, as they represent a need for socialising. Meanwhile, sun conjunct Mars can have a very aggressive, dominating effect. It also is a sign of physical achievements, natural drive and competitiveness. Those with this conjunction are usually very energetic. Extremes are what sun conjunct Jupiter represents.

If you are associated with this conjunction, chances are that you don’t give up easily, and can persevere for a goal you want. Sun conjunct Saturn will make you very disciplined and hard working. Usually, those with this conjunction are very mature and are quite organised. Sun conjunct Uranus will make for an expressive individual, while Sun conjunct Neptune will be insightful. The last is Sun conjunct Pluto, which denotes that you are very extreme and mysterious.

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