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Element Balance on Birth Chart Wheel by Jackson Swift

Birth chart or horoscope are usually translated using a wheel which has symbol for each cycles that goes through it in a period of time. The basic structure of the world as we all know are elements that completes the in depth meaning of what Astrology defines in the birth chart.

There are Astrological explanations that have evolved in this field and there are so many followers who are into this practice until now. Some few things that is great to know is that there are certain method in which the birth chart or a natal chart is being organize in order to interpret its meaning.

What others do is that Astrologers had to Erect or cast the natal chart and begins by getting the basic information that he needs. He would start by determining the exact coordinates of the place of birth, and with the use of Ephemerides and Table of Houses, the calculation of planets and houses in the ecliptic are also addressed. And finally, by drawing the horoscope itself or the casting of natal chart will commenced.

Today, natal chart is done in a much easier way. By just a single access to the computer and internet, you will get an easy means of getting the casting done in a matter of seconds. A faster and much accurate means on how the Astrologers calculate the figures on identifying your natal chart sign.

Few things that you should know about natal charts is that it has twelve houses in its birth chart. The first entails primary motivations and can say a lot about physical appearance and reputation. First house has different ascendants.
As J. Lee Lehman expressed before, author of Classical Astrology for Modern Living, he arguably said that the elements that was used in astrology are of classical Greek origin and has the same meaning as they have in cosmology and in science. These are the elements that are abundant and have been with us since our existence, classified as being of the nature of either air, fire, earth and water.

The four elements are known to be the source of energy of life. In the birth chart, the mixes of elements show your core existence in your life. Each element behaves in a different way and is of relation to each one quality.
Elements balance everything that is under our birth charts, there is a group classification of these signs that are of benefit for people who are into Psychic and fee zodiac reading.

Fire Signs: they are the classified for inspired, energetic, and instinctual, outgoing and highly spirited individuals. Signs refers to Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Air Signs: The mind, intellectual, ideas, detached, social and conceptual means are used to reveal the provoking thoughts on one person. Signs refer to Libra, Gemini, and Acquarius.

Water signs: emotions, imaginative, nurturing, and introverted. These are for Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo

Earth Signs: body, practical, sensual, and grounded. Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces complete the signs.

We need balance for each elements in order for us to live with a feeling of wholeness and completeness. We need water, just as much as we need earth and air, or event the fire.

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