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Your Natal Chart Wheel Report by Jackson Swift

When a person is born, the stars and the heavens were at a precise position. They were aligned in a unique way. It is so unique that each person’s birth corresponds to a particular formation of the heavens. This is the concept upon which the birth chart or the natal wheel has been based.

Many people believe that life is what we make it. Further, they also believe that there is no such thing as destiny. However, if there is, it is something that is made by the person concerned. Destiny, according to many is a result of a person’s series of decisions in his life and should not be blamed for whatever a person has become.

Though some may believe such ideas, there are also many who have a strong belief in astrology. They believe in how the birth chart or the natal wheel works. They believe that the formation of the planets and the stars at the time of a person’s birth strongly influences his personality and what he is inclined to be in the future is somehow related to his birth chart.

Birth charts or natal wheels are a map of the heavens at a particular time that a person is born. These include the sun, moon, and planets. The birth chart is significant in a way that it explains that whatever is born at a particular moment will also possess the same characteristics that moment has. So how does one have accurate and effective readings of their natal charts?

It is believed that each one of us has a unique birth chart. The characteristics that one has cannot be the same as another person’s. That is why it is important to get a birth chart or natal wheel that is made and recommended by an authentic astrologer. It is important to note this because there might be birth charts that are not genuine and have only been made for profit making. It is best to order from a website that advertises such birth charts.

Another thing to note is that a person’s exact birth date should be given. This is because the birth chart readings are based on one’s natal date. If the dates given are not accurate, then it follows that the readings will not also be accurate.
A third thing to remember is that one has to make sure that the birth chart being used has complete aspects. All the parts of the chart have to be included so as to have more complete and accurate readings.

Though birth charts have already been widely accepted everywhere in the world, it is important to remember that these should not, in any way, change a person’s ideals and behavior. These should only be used as guides because, after all, a person makes his own life. It is not a negative thing to believe in astrology for as long as one does not go out of his way just to give reality to the birth chart readings. Always remember that life indeed is what you make it and the planets and stars just guide and not make life’s decisions.

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