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Birth Chart Software News and Information for 2011 by Jackson Swift

Casting of birth chart in ancient times was a very tedious and serious work. It is concerned with manually calculating the person’sdate of birth, an accurate birth time, and location.

Nowadays, as we are immersed in different kinds of technology, the casting of birth chart is by far very different from those of the ancient times.

Birth chart casting has undergone a very massive change for it has adapted the ways of the future and those are ways of the internet.

Casting of birth chart is now done online with using different kindsof latest Birth Chart Software which are easily found online. Even ordinary citizens can now cast their own birth charts just by availing of this latest Birth Chart Software on the internet.

People are now utilizing technology with casting of one’s birth chart and some of these latestBirth Chart Software in the net are:

Horoscope Explorer

Horoscope Explorer usesVedicastrology as its forecasting system. It is based on the Vedas, which are the oldest mystic texts of India. This software allows you to make your birth chart according to this astrological system. The setup wizard in the program will open at startup during the first use. It will help you classify the style, region and other parameters that are needed to calculate thehoroscopeaccurately.

MB FreeJanam KundaliSoftware

An advanced birth chart calculation software, the MB FreeJanam KundaliSoftware is also based on VedicAstrology. The astronomical location of planets at the time of an individual’s birth is described accurately by this software. This program provides you thebirth chartin both NorthIndianand South Indian Styles. The name, place and date of birth, longitude and latitude of the place of birth and also the time of birth are needed to cast yourbirth chart using this software. This software can generate adetailed analyticalchartrelated to the sun and the moon sign, the planetary positions and also the ascendant.

The Astrological Association which has served astrology for over fifty years by informing and bringing together astrologers from all over the world through its website has posted on their site the latest upcoming events and seminars related to the 43rd Annual Conference of the Astrological Association.

The 43rd Annual Conference of the Astrological Associationhas the theme for its conference”Using Astrology in the Real World”. The conference has 33 great speakers and will discuss vital information about these remarkable times.
Minnesota Uproar

Recently, in Minnesota, USA, a group of astronomers have received the notice of the public when they announced that many people have different Sun Signs and other planetary positions due to theshifting of the Earth’s axisor precession of the equinoxes.In answer to the uproar, Deborah Houlding has written a brilliant response to both the Minnesota and Cox criticisms in her website.
Astrology Program on Internet Radio

A unique Astrology program is live on the air onMy Spirit Radio,an internet radio station.

Lightways, the newastrology program on internet radio, aims to bringAstrology to everyone through interviews with Astrologers and readings with Celebrities.
Ana Isabel, presenter ofLightways, assures the listeners thateach program has something of interest for all levels of Astrological knowledge like discussions on astrology chart or birth charts and free horoscopesinterpretation will also be given by competent astrologers.

Hidden Relationship Issues in the Birth Chart

A seminar about â€Hidden Relationship Issues in the Birth Chart†byKaren Hamaker-Zondag will be held this May.

The seminar will discuss thedifferent parts of the natal chart and analyze how several houses and planets affect the type of person that we are looking for, the way we are relating to others or our relationship with others, the unconscious needs and expectations, and so on.

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birth chart horoscope

Astrology predictions 2010-Birth chart analysis and interpretation

Human beings are confronted with good and bad things all their life. Change is the only constant thing in our lives. So, it is natural that we want to gain enlightenment on the issues which we will face in our professional and personal lives. We look for answers by getting our astrological charts read. We search for solutions in our horoscopes by taking appropriate measures to appease our ruling planet.

There are many archetypes of horoscopes available, but the ones which are most followed are the twelve zodiac symbols and houses. There are followers of Sun centered or Earth centered forms of astrology and Sidereal zodiac system.

A majority of the astrologers today are of the view that the stars and planets work in coordination with the earthly occurrences, there is a perfect harmony between the earth and other celestial bodies. One’s destiny or the fortune lies with one. He can enhance or diminish the effect of the planets. A horoscope is a birth chart which is prepared by calculating the time and place of birth and the position planets and stars. The position of earth in relation to the sun and the other planets at the time of birth is taken into account while doing the calculations. Each horoscope is unique and different and the planetary alignments are not repeated for 26 thousand years, this gap or period is referred to as the great sidereal year.

The time is never the same at various places on earth so the horoscope of every person born at the same time is different. The cosmic rays of the celestial bodies thus influence every body in a different way. It depends on the relative positions of all the planetary bodies at the time of birth.

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