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Difference of Vedic Birth Chart to a Normal Birth Chart Readings by Jackson Swift

Birth charts have been used since the olden days to inform the people of their characters and traits that at times they are not aware of. Using the person’s birth chart, which contains the illustration of the planets, the stars, and the sun’s position the day the person is born, the characteristics that s/he possesses are determined by the professional birth chart interpreters.

Not only are the characteristics of the person is determined but the possible career as well. Due to the characteristics of the person, the inclinations and influences are also determined and these help in indicating the person’s probable career choice. The birth chart also tells of the person’s future. Events that are likely to take place in a person’s life are also predicted and these predictions are very helpful so that the person can make some plans to counter the bad ones and to prepare for the good ones.

Vedic astrology, on the other hand, is recognized as one of the oldest forms of astrology in existence. Its origins can be traced 5,000 years ago and is basically based on a body of knowledge which is known as the Vedas. Vedas is translated as knowledge and is often referred to as Jyotish or the light of the heavenly bodies.

Like the birth chart, Vedic astrology is also recognized around the world and are being followed by legions. Unlike the birth chart which is focused on the person’s personality, Vedic astrology focuses on giving predictions regarding the cycles and events of the future. This astrology emphasizes on understanding the time when certain events are likely to take place.

â€Avoid the danger that has not yet come’, this is one aphorism that this astrology offers. A person’s karmic tendencies are illustrated in this astrology and the time when these tendencies might come up in the person’s life. By using the planetary time cycles, also known as â€dashas’, this is made possible. The â€dashas’ are unique to Vedic astrology and no other else.

Unlike the Western birth chart which is round, the Vedic birth chart is square. There are different meanings assigned to houses, signs, and planets and excludes the recent planets discovered like the Neptune, Pluto, and Uranus. The planets are the center point of Vedic astrology and they are also given rulership over a sign in the zodiac. These planets are referred to as the sign’s lord.

In Western zodiac, Tropical Zodiac, which is based on equinoxes are used. In Vedic astrology, Sidereal Zodiac is used. This tracks planetary movements against the real movements of the stars. The first degree of Aries which is the start of the Sidereal Zodiac starts around 24 degrees ahead of that of the Tropical Zodiac. Simply interpreted, a person born anytime between the 15th or 20th of any month, the Western Sun sign and ascendant, along with some of the planets are moved back by one degree in the Vedic chart.

In Western astrology, the Sun is the center of the universe and as such, has the most important influence in people’s lives. However, in Vedic astrology, this is not so. The Moon and its 27 constellations are the primary source of predictive techniques. The constellations of the Moon are called the Lunar Mansions of Nakshatras. Both have significant place in astrology and as such they are both considered important. The Sun is the representation of the person’s soul while the Moon is the person’s mind.

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birth chart horoscope free

The Birth Chart Reading

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Birth chart resembles a horoscope in that it illustrates the positioning of planets and stars as per one’s birthplace and time. A birth chart is sometimes known as natal chart, radix, natus chart, genethliac chart, as well as the nativity chart. This chart is believed to tell about the personality, career, and relationship prospects of a person. A birth chart is highly personalized in that it is helpful in explaining the reason behind things that happen and why they happen. For instance, the personality element of the chart talks about the weaknesses and strengths of a person while also focusing on how the natal chart influences in determining the person’s innate character. The relationship chart tells about the compatibility of the person with their partner while the career part of the birth chart focuses on determining an appropriate career.


Birth charts are usually designed with a wheel format listing the cycles of human life while also enunciating about the cosmic evolution of the person. Furthermore, it also helps in understanding how the celestial planets and bodies influence cosmic composition in a person. Birth charts constitute a geometrical structure resembling the growth of trees. The quality of a birth chart that makes it separate from other horoscope means is because it is highly personal focusing on the individual just like that of a fingerprint. The planets and the various houses in the chart allow finding planetary configurations thus, providing in detail description of the individual.


Understanding the importance of birth chart reading is essential in that it is helpful in offering information about the future of the person on a less precise level. If you are an ardent believer in the existence of planetary influence on your life, birth charts would probably be the best means to cater to this belief. You may be able to gain insight about some of the complicated questions that may pertain to decisions and reasoning as to why things happen the way they happen. Birth charts vary as per the civilizations such as Chinese charts offer different meaning as opposed to the European charts. Birth charts are probably the best means to understand the purpose of your birth and while you will be able to understand yourself better, it will help in gaining acknowledgement of your inner being

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what is the gauquelin sector chart?

its on just click on all our free horoscopes, scroll down and press extended chart selection, press pullen astrology (dont forget your birth details) and scroll down from were is says small format natal chart to gauquelin sector chart and youll find a house chart at the top

The gauquelin sectors are parts of the chart where one would use vocational astrology. Vocational astrology is about career choices or vocational choices. Gauquelin Report was done to disprove astrology, instead they found patterns that were related to careers. So instead of disproving astrology it validated it. This was based on thousands of charts, and to this day still being studied and used. It was done in the 70’s if memory serves me right. I am sure you can find lots written about it.

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