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Destiny Cards System: The Most Powerful Suit by Ethan Ray Wilson

In the Destiny Cards system Hearts are the first suit and Hearts represent children and the first stages of life. Traditionally we give the most power to the Spades suit and all of our talk about the Hearts suit seems to put it on the bottom of the totem pole. From many points of view it is. But when we consider the fact that for most of us, the most difficult challenges in this lifetime are about our emotions and relationships, we get a new slant on the Hearts suit. Maybe it is the most powerful suit of all!

In the Vedic culture, they tell us we have seven Chakras, or energy centers, in the body. The first four deals with the material world and the last three go beyond it. The 4th Chakra is the Heart Chakra. When that energy center awakens, we experience complete unconditional love. And when that experience happens to a person, they transcend the world of duality. They no longer have any desires for anything and see only love everywhere they look. No amount of words can describe the experience of having your heart open completely. I have experienced it a couple of times and it exceeds anything else this life on earth can provide. Nothing is missing or out of place. Everything is love and everything is perfect and we are simply and completely surrounded by God’s love.

This underscores the importance of the Heart center and of the Hearts suit. If we could fully awaken our heart, our love center, we would get everything we ever wanted from life and at the same time lose all attachment to it. The highest love is unconditional love, the love that never demands or desires anything in return. But to get to this profound state of love, we must first acknowledge our limitations in this area. Relationships are the most potent vehicle to get us in touch with our heart and its condition. And the suit of Hearts rules this important area.
People whose Birth Card or Planetary Ruling Card is a Heart know very well the importance of love. Some make it their life’s occupation. If you look at Birthday Astrology, this case also holds true. And from these Hearts, the Clubs, Diamonds and Spades can learn a great deal. The Clubs can learn to get out of their minds and back into their feelings. Even though Clubs spend most of their time in their heads, they still need love as we all do. Hearts can show them that knowledge alone cannot take the place of love in your heart. Even the love of knowledge cannot make up for the love that two people can share.
The suit of Hearts represents one’s childhood, the first years of the life. It is well known that in the first years of our life our personality is formed, for better or worse. The influence of our family and childhood is carried with us throughout this life. And in all the thousands of card readings I have done, problems in relationships are mostly traced back to events that occurred in the person’s Heart period of life. In childhood we are meant to be given what will become the foundation of all the other things in our life, self-love. If our parents love us and give us a healthy picture of who we are, we are more likely to have a fulfilling life and to attract good things to us in later years. So, in many ways, our childhood is the foundation upon which the rest of our life is formed. If the foundation is weak, we cannot build a strong nurturing, loving relationship.
We might say that no matter what our suit, we are all seeking self-love. The Clubs may do it through becoming smart and attaining some special or important knowledge. The Diamonds may do it through acquiring money and possessions of great worth. And the Spades may do it through the perfection of their work. But what lies underneath these attainments? – A desire to feel good about ourselves. And each of the suits will use these elements to escape from the lack of self-love. The Clubs will escape into mental pursuits such as reading, study and communication, the Diamonds into acquisition of material things, and the Spades into their work and health concerns. Without our connection to love, our suit can be the means of our escape. And most of us in our country have well learned how to escape from their feelings, of which the Hearts symbolize. Even people who are Hearts will escape – into relationships and sex, two areas that are most represented by their suit.
So, we find that the suit of Hearts may be the most important suit of all. Without self-love, which is what is at the heart of this suit, all other accomplishments are meaningless. When we use expressions such as â€At the heart of the matter†and â€Heart-felt desire†what are we really talking about? I think if we look carefully we may find that our hearts are really the center of our being, and everything important in our life. For this reason, those who are Hearts can help the rest of us to get back to our center. Have you noticed just how much harder it is to have a successful relationship than to attain prosperity or success? As Jesus said, â€It is harder for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a man (or woman) to enter the kingdom of Heavenâ€. And where is the kingdom of Heaven? – Within our hearts.

Ethan Ray Wilson is an article marketing assistant of Robert Lee Camp. Robert is the number one teacher, author, and authority alive today in the realm of card science. He has written over 15 books about this amazing science and has personally performed several thousand card readings for individuals and for businesses and corporations. Get a free online reading and learn more about this card science at

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