Astrology Marriage Prediction

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Astrology to Know the Future by VK Singh

Nobody can know about what will happen to them the very next moment of their lives and even the rest of their lives. But to sooth themselves a little, people take astrological help in knowing what their future holds for them. Astrological predictions can be made about anything and everything. In includes predictions like birth, likes and dislikes, career, married life, death, wealth, family, and anything that a person can think off.

Astrology can be defined as a prediction system in which the predictions are made based on the comparative positions of various celestial bodies. Astrologers consider that the position of these bodies is responsible for one’s destiny, natural events and personality. The principle celestial bodies in astrology are sun, the moon, and the seven planets.

Many people have a notion that astrology is the study of stars, but very few actually know that stars play a very small role in astrological predictions. The primary deciding bodies are relationship between different planets and the zodiac signs of the people. Only learned men who have the technical expertise and understand the Vedas have the ability to make correct predictions or at least relative predictions that might become true for some people.

Many believer in astrology visit fake astrologers and they pay high fees to know the near future forecasts for knowing the remedies to achieve more in the life. People feel cheated after sometime when nothing happens by completing the recommended solutions. Therefore, it is extremely important to judge about the type and knowledge of the astrologer before paying him a huge amount. However, according to the Vedic sculptures, the Vedic astrology provides the clear demonstration of the birth chart by evaluating the positions of nine plants on twelve zodiac signs and in twelve houses. Hence, every person cannot have the desired wealth, name and fame.

Among the astrologers also, the beliefs of different astrologers are different. Some believe that the position of planets have direct control over the fate of the people, whereas some argue that they are only relative and not specific. Several astrologers also argue that the planets have no direct influence but they have only a fundamental connection with the human relationships.

In India, astrology has a different approach. The zodiac signs of the Vedic astrology are different than the western ones. Vedic astrology has deep roots and influence in India. For any spiritual or religious ceremony like marriage, birth, etc, people take advice from astrologers regarding the most auspicious day for the ceremony and the time in which it should be conducted. Vedic astrology has many branches and one is Jyotir Vigyan. In India, this has been introduced in universities as a course that interested people can pursue and learn the depths of astrology.

Not only this, Vedic astrology is now gaining popularity all around the world and to learn this prediction system that predicts the destiny, behaviours, life, etc of the people, students from various corners of the world visit India to learn the art of astrology under the guidance of spiritual teachers and astrologers.

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astrology marriage prediction

Assessing factors that delays Marriages

Indian astrology is the most important way to get accurate prediction of life. When a marriage takes place there is an addition of a member to the family in the form of wife, a legal relationship with wife as the life partner and a permanent tie of friendship for pleasure and progeny. The second house is for addition of a member to the family. The seventh house the legal relationship. The eleventh house is the permanent tie of friendship with wife as Indian horoscope addresses. This is why the second. Seventh and the eleventh houses are judged for marriage. Marriage takes place during the periods (Dasha and bhukti).Marriage takes place during the period of the strongest significator of these houses. The relationship leads to progeny in married life. The fifth house represents love and progeny, the eighth house indicates sexual pleasures and the twelfth house is for conjugal life in Indian horoscope.

The most important desire of a responsible parent is to get their daughter married in a family where all kinds of happiness and prosperity would available. They are often in stress about their daughter’s marriage. Parents visit astrologers to know the marriage condition of their daughters. Indian astrology can predict everything about our life but only proficient astrologers can predict the problems of life after going through proper horoscope readings of the girl and boy. Astrologers have to be very proficient in horoscope reading then accurate horoscope readings can materliaze in accurate predictions.


Parents get annoyed in marriage of their dear ones not finalized after making many positive efforts. Indian horoscope addresses many factors which play lead role in giving accurate horoscope readings. Indian horoscope addresses that Marriage is promised but comes off late in life if Saturn is in either the first, third, fifth, seventh or tenth or the eleventh houses connected from the ascendant or the moon sign and if he does not own beneficial houses, especially when he is in the fourth, seventh, and eleventh reckoned from the moon or Venus or from both. Marriage comes off late in life if:

Saturn aspects the sun or is with the sun and Venus is also afflicted by Saturn.

Mars is in eighth house.

The Moon and Saturn conjoin together, especially in the first, second, seventh or eleventh houses in horoscope.

Mars and Venus are together in the 5th, 7th or ninth houses in horoscope.

The Moon and Venus are squared by Jupiter. The seventh lord and Venus are aspected by Saturn.Punarbhoo yoga is a yoga where there can be many proposals for marriage but they may fall through and the years pass by. There will be some obstacles or impediment during negotiations, finalization and even at the time of the celebration of marriage. The Saturn –Moon connection causes delay in marriage. Ultimately a fresh negation will come up with a new proposal and marriage may be fixed and celebrated suddenly.

Many famous astrologers of India following the terms of Indian Vedic astrology to predict the happenings of life accurately. If you seek most accurate horoscope readings by astrologers of India then choose some most reputed Vedic astrologers on internet and you will find the appropriate solutions of your problems by using the terms of Vedic astrology. Indian astrology suggests most effective solutions of problems like wearing gems stones, Rudraksha, Performing Pooja and Yagya.Indian astrology suggest appropriate remedies of problems then any kind of problems would be sorted out definitely.

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Marriage astro prediction?

I am 15 Feb 1983 8:45am born .
My husband 11 Sep 1976
Will we get divorce? If yes then when?
Will i get remarry? when?

Please reply only if u know astrology.
None of the other advices r welcome

Please write place of birth and your hus complete birth details for your answer

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