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10 Mahjong- An Interesting And Creative Version Of Online Mahjong Solitaire by Bram Schoonhoven

10 Mahjong- An Interesting And Creative Version Of Online Mahjong Solitaire

In the recent times Mahjong has gained a lot of popularity, especially with the advent of online Mahjong. There are a number of variations available in Mahjong making it all the more interesting. These games can be played free of cost online. The 10 Mahjong is one of these games that have become highly popular. It contains lots of tile layouts that are quite challenging. The game has a nice interface, appealing graphics and a wonderful background music.

This particular version of Mahjong game has been built with additional features. The visual appeal of the game is such that it prompts one to play. In this game the tiles have innovative designs which make the game more attractive. The tiles include flags, marine life, astrology, medieval fantasy, traffic signs, nature, space, bugs, warning sign, buildings, communications, food and Chinese zodiac signs. It also has features like shuffle, hint and undo. These features make sure that the person who is playing the online game would not get stuck. This game an amazing addition to the huge range of more online Mahjong Solitaire games available on the web. It has made the traditional Chinese board game much more exciting and interesting.

The 10 Mahjong game is not like any other normal online Mahjong game in which the player has to combine any two stones that are identical. This game is much tougher than the other games. A player has to pick up two identical tiles whose values match to 10. In addition a player can only pick a tile that has one free side either on the left or the right hand and is not covered by other tiles. The main rule is to make exact ten. You have to clear up the board as fast as you can. So, a seven can be combined with a three or an eight with a two, but both must be identical i.e. if you pick a 7 and a 3 then both tiles must be of the same category. You can easily play this online game on your computer with the help your mouse and an internet connection.

If you are a fan of the online Mahjong games then you can surely play 10 Mahjong. This is going to be much more interesting with the impressive designs and music and calls for a player to use his mind. There is no need to download any kind of special software to play this game. You just need to have online access and the latest version of Flash player. The game can be played full screen just by clicking on the button that is present at the bottom right. So play this creative online Mahjong game and score points by removing the tiles.

There are many more Mahjong games online which are popular among both kids and adults.These game are easy to play and can be played by anyone irrespective of age.

Bram Schoonhoven is an expert with many years of experience in the field of Online Gaming, especially Mahjong Games. He is the owner of few very successful gaming websites including To know more about Mahjong Games, please visit the website.

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