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Vedic Astrology VII by Govind Kumar

Vedic Astrology Lesson 7

Scientia intuitiva est scientia prima – The first science was intuitively inspired.

“The aim of scientia intuitiva”, said Spinoza,” is to find behind things and events Laws and their eternal relations”. What the Seers cognised in higher states of Consciousness – in Cosmic Consciousness and above – came to be known as the 12 Intuitive Sciences and these collectively came to be known as the eternal Vedas. Hence these sciences are said to be divine in origin. Descendit e Caelo – They come from Heaven ! They were never written, they were heard ! What the Seers still hear is only an infinitesimal portion of the Infinite Vedas ( Ananta Vai Veda )! They have been defined as the Breath of the Eternal!

Universal Time

One degree of longitude is 4 minutes and Time is calculated based on longitude.. The calculations of Sunrise and Ascendant are based on latitude and these mathematical values vary from latitude to latitude.

The Vedic concept of Time is based on the celestial phenomenon of the rotation of the earth round its own axis and its movement around the Sun. One constitutes the Celestial Sphere and the other the Ecliptic Sphere.

The role of Saturn in the science of Horoscopy

The second biggest planet in the solar system, Saturn is also one of the the most important planets. 700 earths can be fit into Saturn. He is the indicator of Sorrow and if he be benign, the horoscopian will be a Wise One freed from sorrow. If he be weak, the horoscopian will be melancholic and depressed and unable to come out of the web of the sorrow of the temporal.

Saturnine Effects in the 12 Houses

Saturn in the Ascendant

Saturn in the Ascendant is not good from the perspective of health. There may be physical aliments during childhood. Laziness takes control of the native.

Saturn in the Second House

In the second Saturn makes one not above want and prone to lying. Will live in foreign lands. Will be a lover of justice. Saturn in the Third House

Saturn in the 3rd makes one very intelligent

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