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Zodiac Signs in Indian Astrology and Ascendant Signs in Birth Chart Wheel by Jackson Swift

The zodiac signs that we know in Western influence has other term for the Indian Astrology. The Vedic Astrology shows what the factors that deals with it are and us how it is. The signs in Vedic Zodiac signs are called Rashis (Raw †shees) in Sanskrit.

Vedic astrology is the traditional astrology of the Indian subcontinent, natively known as Jyotisa. Vedic astrology shows the understanding of life, the journey of the spirit from past to present life, effects of karma on present life, doshas and remedies and many more.

The Indian Astrology reflects a destiny and trait of an individual that are associated with the position of the planets and the date and place of birth. There are planets that are connected with the elements that complete this strategy. The planets including the sun and moon, and the five major planets are used to identify which ones Rahu and Ketu affect, and they are as follows:

In India, Astrology is a very ancient practice and subject, which is regarded as the oldest system of astrology known all around the world. Their culture evokes an oldest miniature of civilization, which has a root for Vedas of Hindu that are oldest scriptures in the world. And the Indian ancient astrology has at least 6 branches, and these are:

1.Gola: Positional astronomy
2.Ganita: Mathematical calculations to find Gola
3.Jataka: Natal astrology
4.Prasna: Answering question based on the time it is asked
5.Muhurta: Auspicious time to start anything
6.Nimitta: Omens and portents

Understanding Ascendant Signs in Birth Wheel

Astrologers are the expert people who know how to read and interpret these planetary positions, however these interpretations may be different for every astrologer and for every person. The planets referred by astrologers are not just the eight planets we have learned in school. The planets are mercury, Venus, earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, the Sun, and the Moon.

The triad namely, the sun, moon and ascendant is the beginning point of a person’s interpretation of the birth chart. This triad is very important in birth charts as they serve as the starting point in using it.

Signs, houses and planets are considered the language of astrology from which experiences are explained. Planets tell what characters people have while the signs tell how people can try to achieve their goals by the nature of these planets and houses describe where in the stage of life do the planets flourish and reveal themselves.

The sun, the moon and the ascendant give detailed interpretations of the planets. Therefore it provides a more in-depth answers and details or information to the character of persons, as provided by the planets’ answers.
The moon represents the soul of our character therefore it has a lot emotions and feelings. The moon is ever changing like that of people’s emotions. The â€aspects’ used by astrologers help them interpret realizations, or any planetary effects in a person’s life.

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