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Horoscopes: Essential Guide for Health and Lifestyle by Jackson Swift

To most of us today, Astrology means the daily, weekly or monthly free horoscope predictions published in newspapers and magazines according to the Zodiac Sign under which we were born. So let’s say you are an Aries since you were born between March 20th and April 21st of any given year. Does that mean that the same predictions that apply to you, can also apply to half a billion people in the world and that all people born under the Aries sign will have the same things apply to them?

To most of us today, Astrology has been the perfect mate of our breakfast every morning. It means the daily, weekly or monthly horoscope predictions published in newspapers, magazines and internet under which we were born. What is best is that we can have our predictions through horoscope for free!

Astrology literally means â€stars†and â€study†and is derived from the Greek words astron and logos. It is founded on logical observation and deductive reasoning and is not superstition or magic. It is the scientific study of the positions of the planets at the exact time and place of a person’s birth. Astrology through the use of horoscope determines the overall effect of celestial electromagnetic forces on a given individual’s personality and behaviors throughout the course of each person’s lifetime. This is based on thousands of year’s cumulative research. It allows astrologers to predict horoscope love match by the date of birth.

Its effect in each of us is so strong that sometimes or actually most of the time we consulted astrologers just for us to know some questions that rattles our minds. Not just ordinary people but even realistic world leaders, corporate CEO’s consult personal astrologers about critical situations before doing something or perhaps reacting. It turns out that most of the people, may it be simple or highly educated individuals around the world turn to such an ancient science looking for guidance and to consult a horoscope on the critical crossroads in life.

Astrologers find information about an individual through the use of birth charts that require an individual’s birth date. Once information needed have been acquired, psychics or astrologers have now that ability to find information about an individual’s concern and events as they can make inferences regarding an individual disposition and character. They can even foretell events in our life. Astrologers use a planetary almanac to track the location of planets from sign to sign and house to house to locate how these transits of planet will affect a person’s life. This enters the predictions about love, health, career and lifestyle. Some of the mothers nowadays are even engage to spiritual healing that involves psychic.

Horoscope should be used moderately. One should not be dependent to her/his horoscope predictions as these are merely given to warn us with upcoming events or occurrences in our life. It does not necessary mean that all of the predictions will happen or exist. We are the ones responsible in dealing our life’s journey.

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astrology birth charts

Birth Chart Synthesis and Element Balance

Astrology is just too deep for a subject but it has been made easier to understand by many astrologer and psychics because they wanted to impart the mystical knowledge and the magnificent power of astrology. The language of Astrology came from different aspects , that is the signs, houses, and the planets.  These three factors refers to three different and specific dimension of experience.

As we discuss further there are three things as well that are in concern of the questions that needed answers. The Sun and Moon and Ascendant provide us with details about this. The Sun and Moon’s placement are going to be investigated to find some clues on what are the functions and aspects of character that are implied by the sign and house placement of the sun and moon.

And the Ascendant’s what our expressed personality is. The Sun in the chart is in the gravitational center of our human personality and it is our innate desire to be and to realize our human self and creative minds. The expression of our identity is in reference to our health, well being and vitality.

The Moon is considered as our Soul. It is our nature of emotions, and unconscious minds. The habits and instincts are making a reaction patterns for the moon to move as the fastest moving body in our solar system, its function is to feel and respond to our behavior.

Each person has a Sun, Moon, and Ascendant in one twelve Zodiac signs and the sun and moon in one of the twelve zodiac houses. When we keep on thinking about ourselves and others only in terms of our sun signs, we limit ourselves to a mere 12 categorizations of character. This level of synthesis of the prime triad, we would move on to examine the aspects made to the sun, moon and ascendant.  The aspects indicate the quality and quantity of communicative links between the primary triad and the rest of the indicators in the birth chart.   

Today, natal chart is done in a much easier way. By just a single access to the computer and internet, you will get an easy means of getting the casting done in a matter of seconds. A faster and much accurate means on how the Astrologers calculate the figures on identifying your natal chart sign.

Few things that you should know about natal charts is that it has twelve houses in its birth chart. The first entails primary motivations and can say a lot about physical appearance and reputation. First house has different ascendants.

As J. Lee Lehman expressed before, author of Classical Astrology for Modern Living, he arguably said that the elements that was used in astrology are of classical Greek origin and has the same meaning as they have in cosmology and in science.  These are the elements that are abundant and have been with us since our existence, classified as being of the nature of either air, fire, earth and water.

The four elements are known to be the source of energy of life. In the birth chart, the mixes of elements show your core existence in your life. Each element behaves in a different way and is of relation to each one quality.
Elements balance everything that is under our birth charts, there is a group classification of these signs that are of benefit for people who are into Psychic and fee zodiac reading.

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Astrology, Birth Chart Wheel, & Some Insight Into My Discovery!

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