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Yearly Prediction for 2010, Annual Prediction Astrology, Free Astrological Services by Bharat Bhatt

Yearly Prediction for 2010

During this year lord of finance Jupiter will rotate in Aquarius and in Pisces for a short time. Mars will rotate in Cancer to Scorpio. Rahu will remain in Sagittarius and Saturn will remain in Virgo. Uranus will rotate in Aquarius and Pisces. Neptune will remain in Aquarius.

Jupiter lord of finance will make conjunction with Uranus in Pisces. Saturn will make a square with Rahu throughout the year. Jupiter will make conjunction with Uranus 8th June, 2010 & 18th Sept., 2010. These two dates will be disastrous for the economical condition of any country. Moreover Saturn planet of shortage is aspecting this conjunction is further bad.

2010 is an eventful year, Mars for first four month of the year will keep and politician fighting against unexpected problems. So far individuals are concerned it is depending upon the planetary position of their birth chart.

Neptune-Jupiter conjunction in the end of 2009 will strengthen the economy and may give feeling that country is coming out of recession, Register in progress and growth is Increasing. Rahu in Jupiter’s sign will also give this kind of illusion. Again in 8th June Jupiter’s conjunction with Uranus will start giving jerks right from the 1st June, 2010. Financial planning of most of the countries will go wrong.

Virgo is a sign which controls backbone of an individual. Backbone of a country is its economical condition. Saturn as a slow moving planet will disturb this kind of planning heavily.

Instances of marriage breaks will also go high. June-July 2010 will be more disturbing for individuals as well as for the industry of any country. Many people can need marriage counseling services or match making horoscope services from astrology services provider.

So to say world was not good before 50 years, even before 10 years and even after 10 years it can be further bad, as a spiritual person I can say. Good is being valued as bad is there. Good and bad both are necessary and there should be a good balance in between two. Yet it’s my experience that even 10 percent bad increases percentage of bad reaches to 60 instead of 50. We feel that problems of an individual as well as of a country have increased like anything.

Saturn and Jupiter both are well disciplined loving planet if the policies of a country are formulated on the ground of good for all the people without damaging other country then those planets does favor. Even country with problems will make progress but good for our own at the cost of others is wrong policy and these things are going to bring lot of trouble in coming year either for an individual or even for a country. Saturn’s rotation in Virgo throughout 2010 for USA will not be favorable.

My dear reader,

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